Project Name: Zeiss Optics

The Zeiss offices project is located in Bar Lev industrial zone. The project encompasses an area of 1000 sq.m divided into management offices, meeting rooms, open space area, cafeteria and reception area.

The project included carrying out construction, electromechanical systems, carpentry, and FL partition works.

During the project we encountered two major challenges.

The first challenge in the project was the reception area, where the systems are exposed and the ceiling is constructed with Ecophon panels that are hung from the ceiling using steel cables that are 40 cm apart, with lighting fixtures hanging between them. That meant that the entire ceiling and systems would be exposed, so we had to draw all the systems and mark all the accessories to be hung before execution.

After marking and preparing the systems, we painted the concrete ceiling in black and prepared all suspension items. Only then we hung up the Baffle panels and lighting fixtures that were required to be of a uniform height according to the height of the ceiling. Therefore, every such action required extreme precision and meticulousness, with marking carried out in advance.

The second challenge in the project was the cafeteria area: in this entire area the systems are exposed and the ceiling is sprayed with black acoustic plaster in two layers, 5 cm thick. Therefore, we had to perform all the acoustic plaster work before executing all other systems, and only after carrying out and drying the layer of plaster could we hang all the lighting systems and fixtures. The main issue was to protect and preserve the layer of black acoustic plaster that absorbs dirt and damages easily; it cannot be cleaned or fixed after the installations. For that reason, in any action performed, we used tools attached to vacuum cleaners and took extreme care to avoid damage to the ceiling and to keep it clean until the completion of the project. In this manner, through careful consultation and supervision, we completed all operations successfully and in a clean and orderly manner.

The last stage in the execution of each project is the certification of the Standards Institute, which is a very critical and very important stage in the project, especially for the client, and of course, final delivery to the client of the project. Thanks to the pressure and organized conduct of the engineering department in the office, we passed the inspections and obtained all required occupancy permits.

Each action and issue was handled and accompanied closely by the Execution Manager, the Project Manager, and the office staff. It is important to note that the supervisor and the client supported the project at all stages, responded to all requests, and invested efforts in order to advance the project efficiently.

The company had allocated the necessary resources in order to achieve maximum results in quality and performance, while meeting the timetable.

I enjoyed this project, which was challenging and taught me a lot. I very much look forward to the next project.  


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