Project Name: General Motors Offices


General Motors Project in Herzliya

The General Motors Offices Project spans over approx. 2400 sqm and is divided into 2 floors in Apple Building in Herzliya Pituach.

The project is unique and consists of a ground floor that includes a communication room, gym, kitchen – with a main lunchroom and secondary kitchenettes, conference and meeting rooms, laboratory (garage), toilets and locker rooms, and an open space for all employees.

The second floor consists of a large main conference room and smaller meeting rooms, phone-bots, kitchenettes, toilets, laboratory and an open space area for all employees.

The project mainly included exposed systems, which made it difficult to perform at a high level.

The works we were required to do were plumbing, construction, electricity, fire detection and air conditioning.

The biggest challenge of the project was meeting the three-month execution period as it was during the holiday season (Hagei Tishrei).

Each operation was a project in itself. For construction we were required to carry out a very complex heavy frame work with non-standard details such as independent elements in the space, heavy steel decorative gallery, very wide stairs that include stands for social gatherings, railings with stretched steel cables 10 meters high, matching and combining different materials in the flooring and overlay processes such as floors with decorative self leveling concrete combined with carpets, magnetic glass panels overlay with acoustic fabric overlay,  and more…

The air conditioning and electricity works were also a project in itself involving installations in exposed ceilings maintaining professional and aesthetic assembly.

In order to meet the tight schedule, the work was done on the two floors simultaneously, and was carried out in three shifts with a perfectly timed overlap between the professional workers so they may continue and complete integrated works perfectly and without delays.

It should be noted that Yaniv Engineering has the best control system I have seen to date, and it helped me in every step of the project.

Yaniv Engineering’s system of forms and regulations provides peace of mind and perfect transparency to the client, allowing the client to know at any given time exactly what has been done, ordered, signed and will be done several days ahead. This system provides me, as project manager, peace of mind and constant control over the project.

The General Motors Project was done quickly and very professionally thanks to an excellent management team that includes a supervisory company and highly cooperative architects. Without the engagement of all parties to this nearly impossible mission, we would not have been able to meet the timetable and maintain the high level required.

Eventually, we performed an expedited act of standards review and fire department inspection of the project a day before delivery.

With a tremendous collective effort, we managed to accomplish the task and deliver the project on the decided date and at the highest level.

I personally deduced from this project that a successful project requires a team with a fighting spirit, professionalism, and determination to achieve the goal. And this is how it was on this project!   


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