Project Name: Ayalon Headquarter Offices

Ayalon Insurance Project

The project for the offices of Ayalon Insurance was executed over 3000 m2 divided into two floors in an active building at the Azrieli Centre Holon. The project is comprised of systems and finishing works and is constructed of offices and open space areas for the Ayalon call centre representatives.

Within the scope of the project construction works, air conditioning, electricity, fire detection and plumbing works were executed.

During the project, we encountered to principal challenges: the first was to execute screed works as a foundation for an occupied building whereby on one of the floors we were forced to polish an existing floor as a result of residues of  Bet-Kal concrete , previously this floor was the roof of the building. We succeeded in overcoming this challenge by means of special polishing machines and the groundwork required which we executed quickly while using all the resources available to us. For example – splitting the work between two subcontractors executing the same work simultaneously to reduce the time required for execution and maximum accuracy.

The second challenge was to transport a 9.5 meter long HEB beam for a mobile partition and install it in a training room on the 3rd floor whereby the electromechanical systems had been completed and the internal walls had been constructed , plaster and paint works had been carried out.

By means of a special crane with a reverse arm the steel beam was inserted. It was inserted in one piece via an escape hatch in the screen wall of the building. After its insertion, we produced hanging steel plates in order to enable the installation of the girder when it was elevated and inserted into its final position by pulleys and levers.

Furthermore, in a building of this type, the ongoing transportation is carried out from the parking floors -2 to the work floor and elements the length of which exceeds 3 meters were transported by cranes and lifting platforms.

By using an internal control system unique to Yaniv Engineering which enables intersection of the project at any given time along the duration of the execution, we intersected data that were presented to me as the Project Manager regarding the status of the project and the schedules, the tasks and the challenges that we were encountering.

Use of these data enabled me as Project Manager to see the critical and problematic points anticipated and to concentrate the resources available to me to conclude them in order to comply with the schedules undertaken by Yaniv Engineering.

The final stage of the execution of the works of this type is the approvals stage by the Standards Institutes and laboratory tests and of course final delivery to the customer. This is a very significant stage, no less than the execution stage and completion of the building works, as in the event that the results of the tests fail the customer will not be able to occupy.

In this project, the pressure to receive the signed certificates and supply them on time to the fire services was unimaginable. By means of collaboration with the subcontractors, creativity and consistency we succeeded in this task and achieved the designated and anticipated point of time.

As Project Manager, I understand that the initial weeks at the start of a project are the critical weeks. In such a process, any delay or complacency in the time duration of the tasks before us creates a vacuum at the end of the project and could cause non-compliance with the agreed schedules.

During the project, we had a dilemma as to at which stage to execute the self levelling concrete elevations, installation of carpets and implementation of micro-topping as a final finish as part of the project surface. Finally, we made the decision to install the carpets and thresholds ahead of time in order to progress other contractors and simultaneously to carry out the screed elevation between those thresholds.

Those carpets were covered up until the finish of the micro-topping works and thereby we succeeded in concluding two significant activities on the critical pathway on time and achieved the target.


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