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Design-execution project for offices of OrCam Technologies Ltd., located at the JTP Building in Jerusalem, on floors 7-8-9, over an area of approximately 3,000 sq.m., planned by the architects “Gindi Studios” and executed by Yaniv G. Engineering and Construction Ltd., under the supervision of Dan Engineering & Consultants.


OrCam Technologies Ltd. Is an Israeli company owned by Prof. Amnon Shashua, who is also the founder of MobilEye. The OrCam Company develops and manufactures a device based on computerized vision, which assists the hearing impaired, blind and persons having vision disabilities of various degrees.


The OrCam Company is undergoing expansion at its new offices at the JTP Building, intended for about 180 employees.


Project description:


The new offices are located in an occupied building of 20 floors.


For the sake of the works, we were forbidden to use the building’s lifts.


Therefore we were required to dissemble a curtain wall on each floor and deliver the materials through external cranes at height of 40-50m.


In this project, steel stairs were designed, connecting the seventh floor and the ninth floor. For building the stairs, we were forced to make openings in the concrete ceilings in order to install the stairs.


In this project, a communication room and a UPS room were executed in order to enable use of about 200 computerization points.


The project is characterized by execution of doors and windows for rooms through Belgian steel profile.


In addition, a cafeteria and assembly hall were executed.


The main difficulty in this project was the conveying of materials through external cranes and work at unusual hours in order not to cause disturbance to the tenants at the other occupied floors.


The project was executed according to a very tight schedule, while ensuring precise execution of all design elements, including integration of systems of various kinds integrated in the project.


The overall timetable was 4.5 months gross, for the project design a month and a half was allocated, and for the execution 2.5 additional months were allocated. This required long work hours, including night shifts, in order to meet the original timetable and allow for occupancy on time.


Through the process control system that is maintained by Yaniv Engineering and implemented during the entire project, I was able to have constant control over the process of receipt of the approvals and ordering of the materials, and each week data from all persons involved in the execution (work managers / suppliers / workers) were analyzed, thus allowing me to analyze the critical points and concentrate manpower resources according to the required functions for all systems in order to complete the execution, including receipt of all required occupancy approvals, through full cooperation with the management company and with the subcontractors we managed at the site.


A principal emphasis was placed on full synchronization of the execution team with the design team. Since the timetable was a significant challenge, we progressed to the extent possible upon provision of execution plans for each area, in order to complete the entire project on time.


The result was satisfaction by the client and the project manager on its behalf. As far as we were concerned, we achieved the goal.












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