Project Name: Hertz

The project of the management offices of Hertz Company stretches over 2000 m2 gross- a complete floor in an operational building in Azrieli Center Holon. The project consists of system works and finish, and is built of offices and open spaces for the various department of Hertz Company.

In the framework of the project construction works were carried out, including air conditioning, electricity, fire detection and plumbing.

We encountered two major challenges during the project. The first took place when we were covering plaster walls with metal strips and adjusting them to the FTC partition. We were able to overcome this challenge using pre-planned works in the walls while considering the final finish. We worked bottom-up, and then we started working “backward” until we received a perfect adjustment.

The second challenge involved transporting of HEB bean, 9.5 m long, for a mobile partition and to install it in the training room on the 8th floor, all of which while the structure of the building does not allow access as to bring in the full length of the beam into the construction area.

Using a special crane equipped with reverse joint, the beam was brought in through the window of an emergency exit located in the out front wall of the building. After bringing it in, we created hanging metal plates in order to allow the installation of the bean while it is lifted and brought in to its final location.

In addition, in this type of building, the continuous transport is carried out from a parking lot on the second floor to the construction area on the 8th floor. Thus, elements which are more than 3 m long were lifted using cranes and other lifting equipment.

The unique inner system of Yaniv Engineering allows the cutting of the project at any given time throughout the execution. Therefore, data analysis was obtained, allowing me as a project manager to review the situation in terms of schedules, objectives and challenges we faced.

These data enabled me as a project manager to put the right emphasis on the problematic and crucial works, and to consolidate the resources at my disposal in order to finish them and to meet the schedule objectives for which Yaniv Engineering is committed.

The last stage of execution of these type of works is obtaining the approvals of the Standard Institution of Israel and those of the laboratories inspections, and of course the final delivering to the client. This is a highly significant stage even comparing to the execution and finishing of the construction works, since if the inspections are negative, the client cannot populate the complex.

During this project, the pressure to obtain the signed certificates and then to hand them over to the fire department was overwhelming. By cooperating with the subcontractors, while exercising creativity and perseverance we were successful in achieving the schedule objectives.

Throughout the project we had a dilemma concerning when to execute the measure lifting, installation of carpets and applying the micro toping as a final finish in parts of the project. Finally, a decision has been taken as to install the hexagon ceramic tiles and the carpets before their due in order to simultaneously drive forward other contractors so they would be able to execute the measure lifting between these doorsteps.

The carpets, ceramic tiles and doorsteps were then covered until finishing the micro toping, and thus we were able to finish these to crucially important works while meeting the time objectives.

As a project manager, I comprehend that the first few weeks at the beginning of a project are of most importance, since in this process any delay or indifference in timing the works standing before us may cause great difficulties and further delays later on, and meeting the agreed objectives is thus not achieved.

I can proudly say that although the numerous challenges we have encountered during this project, it was carried out in high level of execution, while meeting the objectives, schedules and to the great satisfaction of our client.   




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