Project Name: Avnet





The Avnet offices project spreads over approximately 2,600 sq.m. in a new complex built at Bnei Dror in the Sharon.


The entire project is built on one floor that contains a management compound that is separated from the other areas by Belgian + glass barriers, space for a subsidiary (Asic), separated from the other areas by connection to the structure core, core that contains a luxurious dining room, restrooms, communication rooms and lectures room. The remaining area is built primarily of O.S., meeting rooms and department managers rooms.


The design style is composed of ceilings with exposed systems in a high ceiling, providing a feeling of size and unending space, floor covering integrated between the carpets, parquet floors, floors with decorative concrete casting, wall covering that combines color, wood, decorative and acoustic tiles, distributed structures detached from the ceilings.


The works we were required to perform are: plumbing and fire control works, construction works, electricity, fire detection, air conditioning and ventilation, artistic carpentry works, unique steel barriers with integrated carpentry in the central hallway of the project.


Every profession was a project in itself:


The air conditioning and electricity works were also a project in itself, assemblies within exposed ceilings while maintaining professional and aesthetic assembly, kitchen carpentry work including frames, steel barriers integrated with wood covering and shelving cabinets, covering made of antiquated wood.


A special challenge in this project was the timing between the various professionals in the project, having unique design momentum.


A super-important point for successful management of the project is the system of forms and procedures of Yaniv Engineering, which provides peace of mind and perfect transparency vis-à-vis the client, so that at any given time, the client knows exactly what has been performed, what has been ordered, what has been signed and what will be performed in the upcoming days. This system provides me, as a project manager, with peace of mind and control over the project at any given time.


The Avnet Project was executed quickly and with great professionalism thanks to an excellent management team that included a supervision company and very cooperative architects. Without all performs being devoted to the almost impossible task, we would not have succeeded in meeting the timetable and the required high level.


My personal conclusion is that a successful project requires a team with fighting spirit, professionalism and determination to meet the goal. This was the case in this project.















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